The Furniture Cart

We found a guy selling two factory furniture carts on Craigslist, so we bought them to refinish them and use them as tables.

Early Days

Allen and Sarah dated long distance, communicating solely through email, for almost a year before they met face-to-face. During that time, they had gotten to know each other extremely personally, but were missing some pretty basic information: when Allen first saw Sarah his first thought was “Huh. You’re taller than I expected.” Through their digital courtship they found ways to share themselves with each other by way of some creative art projects.

Designing For Yourself

We’re always our own worst critics; this is especially true when designing something for ourselves. Coming up with our company name and logo has been a long an arduous process. Sarah talks a bit about the path we took and our sources of inspiration.

The Anatomy Of A Cupcake

A birthday gift meant for our friend Lesleigh has turned into…something else. Read about how this print traveled the world completely inadvertently.