The Anatomy Of A Cupcake

April 8, 2011

Our friend Lesleigh is awesome. Rockstar clothing designer and tattoo-covered mother of two super-cool kids, Lesleigh also is a domestic goddess in the kitchen. She and her husband Kevin were two of our best friends when we lived in New Zealand, and since we moved back to the US we’ve missed them both terribly. For her birthday one year, Lesleigh, her family, and several other friends took a trip to Fiji. Having just moved back to the US a few months before, we were, agonizingly, unable to join them for this trip. To try to make up for it, we decided to make Lesleigh a fun birthday gift that showed her how much we missed her. After much sketching, designing, shopping, arranging, and photographing, we came up with this poster, which we then had printed for her in New Zealand.