Family Album Makeover

Salvaging family heirlooms.

Book Design

One weekend while visiting family, we discovered that Sarah’s family photos were in a pretty sad state of disarray. About half of the photos were stuffed in a paper bag, while the other half were sitting in old, adhesive albums, which had become uselessly unsticky. Many of the older photos from 20 or 30 years ago were starting to turn red and unrecognizable. If we didn’t preserve them quickly, we might permanently lose them.

So we came up with the idea of scanning in all the photos, designing albums for them, and printing them as hardcover books for family. Oh, and we also retouched any photos that needed it, which turned out to be most. All told, we had 1,856 photos to deal with. It was a beast of a project.

The albums are chemistry themed, since Sarah’s Dad is a retired chemistry professor and met her Mom through the chemistry department. It made the books a little more playful and personal; plus, chemistry lends itself to a lot of great graphics. Sarah gave her family copies of the album as Christmas gifts when we had completed them. They were definitely greatly appreciated.