The Alinea Project: Videography

Spicing up Allen’s blog with some moving pictures.

During Allen’s time working his way through the Alinea cookbook, Sarah got an itch to try her hand at making short, documentary-style films using a video-capable DSLR. We found the cooking project to be useful fodder for filming, and we spent several weekends in the kitchen cooking and filming together, learning more and more about each along the way. Here are some of our favorite videos to come from the project.

Chestnut, Too Many Garnishes To List

Sea Grape Osmosis

Tessendorf Plate

Wild Turbot, Shellfish, Water Chestnuts, Hyacinth Vapor

Chocolate, Brioche, Yolks, Pomelo

Pine Shoots, Smoked Potato, Many Foraged Garnishes

Beef, Elements of Root Beer

Bubble Gum, Long Pepper, Hibiscus, Creme Fraiche

Pork Belly, Pickled Vegetables, BBQ Sugar, Polenta