The Alinea Project: Book

Creating a high-end book about a five-year journey cooking every recipe in the Alinea cookbook.

Photography + Design + Writing

In 2008, Sarah’s Dad gave Allen the Alinea cookbook as a Christmas gift. So taken was he by the artistry of the recipes that he decided to try making one of them. It took him three tries to get it right. He was so excited by his success that he tried making another dish. And another. And another. And then he just…kept going. He spent the next five years working his way through the entire cookbook, documenting his progress in photos and writing along the way.

When he had finished the project, he decided that he wanted to collect his favorite of the nearly 10,000 photos he’d shot into a photo album. This ended up turning into a project in and of itself. Sarah suggested that if he were going to think about making a book for himself, he might also consider writing a bit about the experience. He spent nearly eight months writing about what the project had meant to him. During this time Sarah worked to design the book, and the two launched a successful Kickstarter to help fund a high-end limited-edition print run of the book.




Guest room turned book warehouse