The Anatomy of Ice Cream

Getting witty and whimsical for Anthology Magazine.

Photography + Design

We’ve really been taken aback by how much of a “thing” our Cupcake poster has turned out to be; we’ve gotten heaps of incredible emails from people all over the world about it, some of whom have asked us about extending the idea to other “Anatomy of…” pieces. One inquiry along these lines came from Anthology Magazine, a Bay Area lifestyle magazine. Creative Director Meg Mateo Ilasco wrote mentioning she’d seen our cupcake poster and felt the vibe of it fit with an upcoming springtime issue of their magazine, themed “Wit and Whimsy”. Her idea was to include an article featuring some recipes for “something”, and for us to create a piece of artwork thematically-related to whatever that “something” was.

This idea resonated with us; we asked Meg if–rather than just designing a poster–we could be allowed to design the entire article. We both love cooking, and the idea of developing a recipe or two, writing an article about them, and designing complimentary artwork seemed like a fun challenge that covered several of our interests. Meg agreed to this, and we were left to figure out what we wanted our theme to be.

After several days of brainstorming, we landed on ice cream; it was simple and visually-interesting, fun to write about and easy to picture as a subject for an “Anatomy of…”-style piece. Putting our loft apartment to good use, we shot the main piece from above, creating everything in-camera just as we’d done for the cupcake poster. For the recipes, Sarah came up with a custard-based vanilla bean recipe, while Allen went fancy pants and developed a raspberry and lavender-infused goat’s milk ice cream. We submitted everything and then promptly gorged on delicious leftovers.

Early sketch for "Anatomy of Ice Cream"

Early sketch for “Anatomy of Ice Cream”

Ice Cream Flavor Ingredients

Arranging Ingredients

Eggs Trimmed With an Egg Capper