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The Alinea Project: Book

Design, Photography
Creating a high-end book about a five-year journey cooking every recipe in the Alinea cookbook.

Next Restaurant: Paris Bistro Animation

A vintage-style animation to announce Next’s newest menu.

Bourbon Shelf

When Kentuckians build furniture...

Tock Branding

Booking a table at your favorite restaurant just got awesome.

Lazy Bear Identity

Design, Illustration
Rebranding a revered pop-up restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The Alinea Project: Videography

Spicing up Allen’s blog with some moving pictures.

The Anatomy Of A Cupcake

Design, Photography
A birthday infographic for a domestic goddess.

Nola Belle

Design, Photography
Documenting a new family member.

The Anatomy of Ice Cream

Design, Photography
Getting witty and whimsical for Anthology Magazine.

Family Album Makeover

Design, Photography
Salvaging family heirlooms.

Designing For Yourself

Developing the Small Batch logo.

Louisville Panorama

A hand-drawn illustration of our favorite Louisville neighborhood.

The Furniture Cart

Refusing to pay chain store prices, we refinish our dream coffee table.

Dani and Mike

Photography for a lovely New Zealand wedding.

Eveo Summer Party

Photography for a corporate summer party in lively Oakland.